Children with Autism

Autism is a natural disorder that is characterized by impaired communication, impaired interaction and also by limited and repetitive behavior.

­These are signs that will begin being in the earlier life of the children typically three years. This is a disorder that affects information processing in the mind by affecting how the nerves and synapses connect; but how this happens to be not yet understood. This is one of the recognized disorders in the autism spectrum. Other disorders are Asperger, which lacks s delays in congestive language and development. The second disorder is pervasive, which is identified when completely set of criteria for autism.

Autism comprises a strong basis, even though the autism genetics are complex and it is not yet clear whether autism disorder is explained by rare mutation or combinations of ordinary genetics differences. In some cases, autism is associated with agents which lead to birth faults. Arguments which are surrounding environment causes include, pest sides, heavy mental, and child vaccines. The vaccines' hypotheses are implausible biologically and this is convincing the scientific evidence. The occurrence of autism disorder is around d one to two per one thousand people all over the world. The number of those infected by this disorder increases day by day since 1980s.

Signs of autism are normally noticed in the earlier two years of the child. The signs develop gradually, but some autistic children build up more normally and then revert. Earlier intervention will help the child to gain care, skills of communication and social knowledge. Even if there is no cure, there have been reported cases where children have been able to recover when there is earlier intervention. However, not all babies who have autism are able to live independently in their adulthood, but there are some who may be lucky. There has been an autism augment that has been developing with some people seeking to get a cure while others are believing that autism disorder as a variation.

Deficits are distinguishing autism and related disorders of spectrum disorder from the development of the disorders. Victims with autism have communal impairments and lack the intuition about others which many are taking for granted. Those children affected with high autism are likely to suffer more intense and recurrent loneliness when compared to no-autistics, in spite of the common believes that those children affected with autism prefer when there are alone. To make and maintain friendships is something that is very hard with autism affected children. For these children, the quality of friendships does not depend upon the number of friends, and this predicts how lonely these children feel. It is been revealed that functional friendships, like those resulting in part invitations can deeply affect the quality of once life.­

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